Some Turnings by Bernie Waatainen

Here are some pictures of a vase, lamp and urn that one of our MIWG members, Bernie Waatainen turned on his lathe.
These pieces are all segmented turnings.
The body of the lamp is 7” in diameter and 11” tall, made up of 214 pieces of various tropical hardwoods finished with Liberon wax.
The vase is made of holly, rocky mountain juniper and walnut, 6” diameter and 8” tall finished with Shellawax.
The urn is 8” diameter, 11” tall, 344 pieces of various tropical hardwoods finished with Shellawax.
IMG_2284 IMG_2379 IMG_2381

About Steve Neil

I live on Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada and make fine furniture for my family and friends and occasionally for clients. I have a degree in Engineering Physics from Queens University and worked in the telecommunications field for a long time doing hardware and software development. I was always interested in woodworking and so decided to retire early and go back to school to develop my woodworking skills, initially at Rosewood Studio in Ontario and then at Inside Passage School of Fine Cabinetmaking in British Columbia.

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