MIWG Contact Information

For general inquires and information about the Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild (MIWG), please contact us at info@miwg.ca.

When sending electronic payments (e-Transfers) to the Guild, please use the email address treasurer@miwg.ca and indicate in the message area what the payment is for, i.e., dues, wood purchase etc..

MIWG Executive and Primary Contacts

The MIWG Executive consists of 6 directors, the Past President, and 1 appointee from each of the committees that have been organized within the Guild, as follows:

President Larry Sunnus president@miwg.ca
Vice-President (Membership) Mike Donnelly membership@miwg.ca
Secretary Mike Ewanciw secretary@miwg.ca
 Treasurer Earl Parrish treasurer@miwg.ca
 Program Director Robin FitzGerald programs@miwg.ca
Director-at-Large Chris Badger director@miwg.ca
Past President Tony Dobson pastpresident@miwg.ca
 Wood Recovery Chair Roger de Bucy woodrecovery@miwg.ca
 Librarian Brian Rigby librarian@miwg.ca
 Workshop Tour Chair Bob Kitching workshops@miwg.ca
Frost Fields Site Manager Ed Tremblay sitemanager@miwg.ca
Website Administration Steve Neil webguy@miwg.ca

MIWG Mailing Address

Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild
3388 Tunnah Road
Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 2V7

Social Networking

miwg.ca – Our MIWG Instagram account.