Join the Guild

Thank you for your interest in joining the Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild (MIWG).

Benefits of Joining the Guild

  • The best argument for joining the Guild is cost-savings! The Guild harvests, mills and sells domestic wood harvested here on Vancouver Island for $2.50 per board foot (BF). If you compare that price with some of the local hardwood lumber retailers, our wood, at $2.50 per BF is unbelievably cheap by comparison. For example, a person needing 25 BF of Alder would pay about $150 at a retail store on Vancouver Island. A Guild member could buy the same amount of wood from the Guild for $62.50, a savings of almost $90. This cost savings would more than cover the full cost of a 1 year membership. Savings are even greater for wood types like Maple, Arbutus, etc..
  • The Guild has a number of Sponsors that offer discounts to Guild members. Depending on how much shopping you do at our Sponsors stores, these discounts can easily cover the annual $50 membership fee.
  • Social camaraderie and fellowship with other woodworkers at the monthly meetings and other Guild events.
  • Training opportunities, learning new skills, etc..
  • Interesting presentations at our monthly meetings.
  • Joining the executive and having fun organizing Guild activities.
  • Making new friends who share similar interests.
  • Another benefit is the ability to contribute, via our Wood Recovery Program, to the local public schools in the Nanaimo region. Through this program, we donate wood to woodworking classes and bursaries to individual students.

 It costs $50 per year to be a member of the Guild, and membership fees are collected from all members of the Guild in January of each year. When a new member joins the Guild, there is a one-time initiation fee of $25. The first year’s $50 membership fee is prorated depending on which month you join the Guild. The following table shows the total amount due, depending on which month you register to join the Guild.

Month of RegistrationMembership FeeInitiation FeeTotal Due
January thru March$50$25$75
April thru June$35$25$60
July thru October$20$25$45
November and December$10$25$35

If you would like to join the Guild, click on the Register button below and fill out the online Registration Form. Your account on the website will then be created, and once your payment has been processed, your account will get activated.

There are three ways to pay the Guild membership fees:

  1. Send an e-Transfer to (preferred method). No password is required. Indicate in the comment field what the payment is for.
  2. Bring cash or a cheque to the next Guild Meeting. If paying by cheque, make the cheque payable to MIWG.
  3. Mail a cheque (payable to MIWG) to the following address:

Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild
3388 Tunnah Road
Nanaimo, BC, V9T 2V7

If you have any additional questions, please contact Mike Donnelly, our Vice-President who is responsible for membership at