MIWG Newsletter – February 10, 2020

Hello fellow woodworkers,

Despite the very wet and frequently very cold January and February, members of Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild have managed to find opportunities to make considerable improvements to the portion of Frost Fields that has so generously been provided for our use. 

The wood storage area has been doubled with a loading ramp added, vertical storage racks built, and safety rails installed. In addition, a small alcove area has been designated and almost completed with flooring and benches, and will be useful as “coffee area”. This is adjacent to a portion of the barn that will eventually become a meeting area – complete with small kitchen appliances and our growing library. Outhouse facilities are in the planning, and tank equipment to handle this is on-site.

Wood sales are planned for each month and a steady supply of alder, maple, cherry and walnut are being added to our inventories. Air-drying has been on-going and is now being augmented with kiln-drying to enable faster turn-around on suitably dry wood.

Our General Meetings continue to be well-attended, and while we are losing a few members this year, we have gained many new ones. We welcome all of these newcomers and look forward to their participation and contributions to the on-going activities of MIWG. At our January meeting we had François Lavigne show us how he has built a successful business of carving Scotch broom – an invasive species on Vancouver Island and subject to annual attempts to eradicate it. He showed us some of his beautiful work, and we anticipate that the presentation will encourage a few more woodworkers to consider using this dramatically coloured wood in carving and turning creations.

Our meeting on this coming Wednesday, February 12 will feature Richard Brown from Saanich who will show us how he took dimensioned lumber from a local supplier to build a home-made boat which he called “Moonfleet” (one of my favourite novels from my high school days long years ago!) We hope that you will join us for this presentation and, if you are not already a member – JOIN us! We always welcome visitors and guests.

Our wood challenge contest for this month was to create something that fits the theme of what your New Year’s resolution might be. And, if you haven’t had a chance yet, please don’t forget to bring your $50 annual dues as we are approaching the critical deadline which may result in cancellation of membership.

Looking forward to seeing all of you,

Tony Dobson, Vice-President – Programs and Events

p.s. We are sad to announce that our past Librarian, Peter Clement, who also built our library cabinet, recently passed away quite suddenly. Our condolences to the family members and to all who knew Peter.

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