MIWG Newsletter – August 26, 2018

NEWSLETTER – August 25, 2018

Greetings to you all!

The summer is “up in smoke”, the rain begins and we can breathe easier again. It is time to turn our attentions to our workshops, and to update calendars for MIWG’s Fall events. It is also time for me to get out a late summertime communication to you!

First of all, here’s a review a few events that occurred over the summertime.

  • June’s Presentation

Tyler Green from Felder presented us with a wonderful array of Felder’s latest toys – many beyond my financial advisor’s spending tolerance levels, but I particularly liked the hand-held CNC machine.

  • The beginner’s turning workshop on June 23
Tom Hedekar prepares to instruct a turning class






Tom helps new member Tyson Meldrum








This event was a tremendous success with a full house of 12 participants. Tom Hedekar, assisted by John Noble, conducted the excellent workshop and most of us managed to complete at least one of the two assignments, which were a honey dipper, and a bowl.

  • Filming MIWG

On the Canada Day July long weekend, I received a rather suspicious email from a lady who said that she and her film production company had seen the MIWG.ca website and were impressed by what we were doing. “Would it be possible to have our film crew show up on Wednesday or Thursday to film some of your members and their activities?”

A call to Toronto confirmed that the email was legitimate, and arrangements were made for a film crew to arrive at Peter Hentze’s Frost Road property in Cassidy on Thursday – 3 days away. A few members then hastily agreed to bring some artifacts that that they had made to the property and to assist in the production as directed by this film crew. On the Thursday, about 4 carloads of filming crew showed up and set up to film the sawmill in action as well as to script a scene of work “happening” in the wood storage barn. It was explained that the film was being produced under contract to PetroCanada in order “to show what is happening in Canada this year”.

Filming a staged activity in the wood storage barn
Filming Steve in the immaculate workshop










After filming was completed at the property, the crew joined some members at the Fox and Hounds Pub for lunch in Ladysmith and then proceeded to Saltair to film Steve Neil at work in his very photogenic shop! (BTW…Steve was also featured in a recent issue of Canadian Woodworking Magazine!) From there, apparently, the crew rushed to Parksville to film a lady kick-boxer!

One of the financial perks for this event was that the film crew paid $50 to each member who was filmed, and after a suggestion that they also include a donation to the support of our High School woodworking programs they threw in an extra $50. (This added another $200 or so to our High School distribution funds as the filmed participants donated their individual payments to MIWG.) The bad news…? MIWG did not make the cut, but the kick-boxing lady did! (Stompin’ Tom should have sung another verse!) Many thanks to Jon Weiman and the many film crew members for the great experience! (https://www.livebytheleaf.ca/. Parts of this commercial are currently showing on television.)

  1. Wood Recovery Meeting

In August, our new Wood Recovery Chairperson, Dave Workman, held a meeting to discuss how to proceed with wood recovery processes in a logical and sound manner. Joining the committee for Wood Recovery was Glen Smith, Peter Hentze, Colin Knecht, and ad hoc member – Tony Dobson. (Ed Tremblay was unable to attend.) We now have access to Peter’s very strong trailer (dumping) and will need crew for handling the wood at various times in the Recovery process.

Ed Tremblay and Dave Workman sticker and stack London Plane tree

And now, it is time to look at our upcoming Fall activities.

1. Nanaimo Arts Council Plan

In June, Rob Oldale volunteered to search out a place for MIWG to hold a members’ products show similar to the very successful one held by VIWG at Cedar Hill in the Spring. He was able to secure a positive response from Dan Appell at Nanaimo Arts Council for the space at 78 Wharf Street in Nanaimo for November 5 to November 27. Our only cost for this will be a shared cost of printing promotional materials. The show can gain us tremendous community exposure and support for our purpose of promoting woodworking in the community. The plan will include member works, and possible quilts from members of Nanaimo Quilters’ Guild, and Jonanco, as well as contributions from High School students.

2. Fall Garage and Wood Sale and Membership Barbecue.

We are currently planning a combined event day at Frost Road on Saturday, September 22. The events will include a morning Garage Sale open to the public, as well as a wood sale to members only. (Non-members can purchase memberships on-site for the $25 initiation plus the pro-rated annual fee of $25.) Sales will close in the early afternoon, and then members can enjoy time together at our annual barbecue.

3. November Annual General Meeting

At the AGM in November a number of positions on the Executive will need to be filled including those of President and Treasurer, currently held by Tony Dobson and Steve Neil. (Their three year terms are completed.)

That, in a very large nutshell, is the latest news. I wish you all an enjoyable time for the balance of your summer! Use your safety gear, and avoid accidents in your woodworking!

I hope to see you at the September meeting at 6:30 p.m. on September 12 at Meeting Room A – 355 Wakesiah Avenue in Nanaimo. Bring your family members and friends! We welcome visitors!


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