oneTree 2017 Show – Call for Artists

Robert Bateman Centre and Live Edge Design launch call for artists for oneTree 2017

May 12, 2016, Victoria, BC – The Robert Bateman Centre and Duncan, BC-based Live Edge Design have launched a call for artists’ proposals for oneTree 2017, the second in a series of exhibits. The series celebrates the life and value of a single tree by inviting participating artists to create as much beauty from its wood as possible.

For over a hundred years this Black Walnut, Juglans nigra, stood sentry from Dalmahoy, its home on St Charles Street in Victoria’s Rockland neighborhood. Taking root in the Craigdarroch Castle-era, its majestic limbs began to crumble in 2015 and needed to come down to keep the surrounding homes and people safe.

“oneTree 2015 was a huge success,” enthused Peter Ord, managing director of Victoria’s Robert Bateman Centre, “The exhibit had such diversity with over 42 professional artists participating. It touched a lot of people to know that the tree was used in its entirety, and we saw many new people come through our doors to enjoy it.” John Lore, owner of Duncan’s Live Edge Design is also very excited about the upcoming show. “This is a fantastic experience of Art as cooperative, rather than competitive. What’s different about it this time around is that, in addition to wood artists, we are inviting artists of different media. We will consider all submissions that clearly show how the tree and its history inspire the finished piece.”

The exhibit is scheduled to open at the Bateman Centre from mid-November 2017 until January 2018. If you are a turner or an artisan that requires wet wood (with no cracks) and you have your application submitted by June 15, 2016, you will be eligible for early selection in order that you may pick up your wood before it has become too dry. The deadline for submission for all other artisans will be July 15, 2016. There will be some wet wood available for later submissions, but it may have cracks. Kiln-dried wood will be available for artisans in the spring of 2017.

Interested individuals are encouraged to make a formal submission.  The Expression of Interest and oneTree photos are located on or

About the Robert Bateman Centre
Opened in May 2013 in the historic Steamship Terminal along Victoria’s Inner Harbour, the Robert Bateman Centre is a public art museum showcasing more than 100 works by Robert Bateman, spanning his seven decades as one of Canada’s premier artists. The exhibit invites guests to explore their relationship with the environment and pay homage to the magic of nature. For more information, visit

About Live Edge Design
Live Edge Design creates custom furniture from locally salvaged trees. The trees tell the designers and craftsmen their stories. The ensuing collaboration of materials, craftspeople, and customers culminates in the finest of functional art. Honouring the tree enriches those it touches on its journey. From sourcing the trees to drying, design, production, and finishing, it all happens at their workshop in Duncan, BC. See for yourself or visit online at

Peter Ord, The Robert Bateman Centre: 250-940-3626 or

Christine Fagan, Live Edge Design: 250-748-0763 or

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