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MIWG Newsletter – Even MORE Garage Sale Items

Greetings one final time before tomorrow morning’s garage sale at 3388 Tunnah Road between 10:00 and 4:00. I hope to see many of you here as well as family and friends. As an added incentive, I have a pick-up load of 1 1/2″ cherry slabs – most about 3 feet long. They are quite beautiful. They are for sale at about $7 each, (most at less than $2.50 a board foot), but I will GIVE a cherry slab to each new member that signs up tomorrow. We will have all of the paper work available to make you a full member so that you can participate in many of our exciting activities – including a tentative barbecue and garage sale towards the end of June.

In any case, proceeds from the sale of the wood, and a percentage of all garage sale items will be going towards the support of our High School woodworking programs, so please come out and support us by BUYING!

Many thanks, click on the link below to see the final pics (there will be much more available) and I hope to see you here – despite the downgrade in the wonderful warm weather that we have been having!

Best wishes!


Roundup time for rocking cattle!
A-Ranging the Ride – Roundup for Rocking Cattle!

Page4, 5 MIWG Garage Sale Pics

MIWG Newsletter – More Garage Sale Items

Hi All,

In case you are following the Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild Garage Sale news with any interest, here is the latest posting showing items available in this Saturday, April 28 garage sale. Please click on the link below to see the items. There may be more pictures in the next day or so. Please click on “Subscribe” if you wish to receive email notifications when they are posted (or to receive any new information about our Guild and our activities.)

Best wishes!


More MIWG Garage Sale Pics

MIWG Newsletter – April 24, 2018

Hi Woodies!

I am very sorry that some of you were not able to attend to hear Michael Moore at our last meeting and see the beautiful creations that he is making out of both wood and metal! The man is truly a gifted artist, and I am really looking forward to another shop tour that includes his workspace in Duncan! Thank-you Michael!

Our Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild Garage Sale will be held at 3388 Tunnah Road, Nanaimo, on Saturday, April 28 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Please tell your family, friends and neighbours about it. The sale is for everyone, but members only can sell items. There are lots of items for sale, including tools, parts, wood, and possibly even some members’ crafts. We look forward to seeing many of you there. Meanwhile, this first posting contains pictures of some items, and more will follow with new postings in the next few days. Please “Subscribe” to this blog post if you would like to be kept informed about new items or the Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild activities in general!

Meanwhile, click on the link below to see pics of items for sale. More postings may follow before Saturday.

Best wishes to all!


Garage Sale Details and Pictures

MIWG Newsletter – April 9, 2018

Greetings fellow Woodworkers and friends!

April showers have extended our times in our workshops as ski hills are slowing down activities, fishing isn’t active, sailing is chilly and dreary, and yard work can wait for warmer, sunnier days. Its all good!

At our March meeting, the husband and wife team of Karen Trickett and Cam Russell did a wonderful presentation (according to my sources, since I was, regretfully, unable to attend). They showed slides of their current projects including the refinishing of wooden panelling on an older vehicle. They also passed around samples of different finishings that they use. These two folks are truly amazing and talented woodworkers! If anyone took pictures at this presentation, I would be happy to post some soon.

Our April meeting this coming Wednesday, April 11, will also feature a Duncan-area woodworker – Michael Moore. Last year, a Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild shop tour included both Cam and Karen’s workshop, as well as Michael’s. Michael is a self-taught wood AND metal worker with one of the most incredibly finished metalwork shops where he creates fabulous metal work and integrates it with equally beautiful and amazing woodworking. You won’t want to miss this presentation! As always, MIWG welcomes guests and family members for free. Please join us and bring your “besties”.

Also on Wednesday’s agenda will be the displays of our latest “contest/project” – the Gottshall Blocks! Since I missed the March meeting, I am really curious as to what this project is, and am looking forward to seeing the results. If you haven’t finished yours…get to it! You only have 3 days left!

As a nod to our “family” organization in Victoria – the Vancouver Island Woodworkers’ Guild – I strongly recommend that you make every effort to make a trip to Victoria to see the products of the VIWG membership at the “Visions in Wood – 2018” craft display at the Arts Centre at Cedar Hill – 3220 Cedar Hill Road before it ends on April 29. (8:00 am to 8:00 pm). Four of our own MIWG members are also members of VIWG, and Brian McLaurin and Steve Neil both have contributed items to this display. We’ll look forward to a report on this Show.

And…I hope that you had a chance to visit the Pacific Brant Carving and Art Show in Parksville this weekend. This has become an International event! When he returns from a holiday, I hope that our Secretary, Bill Beese, (who is also an Executive member of the local Carving Club, an accomplished carver, and one of the organizers of this event) will give us an overview of this Pacific Brant Carving activity and also his participation in the Bird Carving Championships in Maryland, US.

Other important news and events:

Our “Member-at-Large” and organizer/instructor for the “Mini-Bench Build” – Bob Armstrong – has recently been ill and has not recovered sufficiently in order to manage the “Mini-Bench Build” session. Therefore, that session has been put on hold for the time being. Also, since I was away and unable to adequately “publicize” the planned Garage Sale for this coming Saturday, it, too, has been postponed – until Saturday April 28.

So…Next up – Our General Meeting on Wednesday at 6:30 at NDSS, Meeting Room A and…

April 28 – Garage Sale (Prepare or finish your sales items with pricing notes and pictures! I will be providing a form for participating as a seller in this garage sale very soon.)

Best wishes to all, and see you on Wednesday!