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Newsletter – December 7, 2017

December 7, 2017

Season’s Greetings to Elves and other Woodworkers!

MIWG’s first ever instructional course was held on Saturday, November 25 at Vancouver Island University’s Carpentry Building. It was a great start to our intended program of mini-courses for woodworkers! This one was on Workshop Safety, and was conducted by Steve Pelley from the Carpentry Program at VIU. His presentation included safety with table saws, the proper use and selection of blades and push sticks, how to cut small pieces safely, how to position yourself at a planer or a jointer, and shop cleanliness and cleanup. He also showed some detailed pictures of some serious, and gruesome accidents. Attendees will certainly be more aware of shop dangers and processes in the future. Many thanks to Steve for his presentation!

As mentioned in the previous Newsletter, the focus of our next meeting on Wednesday, December 13 will feature one of the Guild’s favourite sessions – members’ “Show and Tell” of their current or favourite projects. The presentations can include small items brought in to the meeting, or presentation slides of larger projects to be shown on the overhead projector saved to a thumb drive – or both! Some planned items include a short presentation by Len Barnes, chairs made by Peter Clement, a mini-workbench made by Bob Armstrong, and the latest progress on the Tony Dobson’s, (the Wood Horse Whisperer?) “herd”. Seasonal snacks, including non-alcoholic punch, will be served. We’ll also have a special bonus draw!

We hope to have a second mini-course in January on Workshop First Aid. Details are being discussed and will be announced here, in The Nanaimo Bulletin, and on under the “Events” category. Furthermore, we are planning for “Project-Based Courses” whereby skills are learned at the same time as a project is being built. We hope to have our first project ready for a date in January also. Separate “Skills” mini-courses are on the agenda and will be announced soon.

As a reminder to our members, the Annual Membership fee comes due at the end of the month. If you wish, you can pay for next year at the meeting next Wednesday, or bring a friend or family member to the meeting to buy your membership as a Christmas gift! Also, for those who haven’t paid their 2017 dues, those memberships have now expired, and re-joining after December 31 will require a new initiation fee of $25 in addition to the annual membership fee. All members will have to fill out new Registration forms and Waivers to update their status and personal information.

We have a tentative Shop Tour planned for December 16. Several members have offered to open their shops for this tour. We will need to know numbers of participants before we finalize this tour with the hosts. Please come to the meeting prepared to respond to this issue. (Non-members can be included, but they must sign a Waiver before attending the tour.)

As always, we welcome visitors to our meetings! Please join us, and bring a friend of family member to next Wednesday’s meeting at 6:30 at Meeting Room A, 355 Wakesiah Avenue, Nanaimo. (N.B. The meeting time has been corrected on the website from the original posted time of 7:00 pm.)

Continued best wishes for a healthy, and happy holiday season! AND “Cheers” to SAFE WOODWORKING!