Membership Information

It’s easy to become a member in the Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild. The best way is to simply come to our next meeting, introduce yourself and fill out a information card with your name, address, email, etc. Our VP of Membership, or another Executive member will help you out and collect your membership dues. It currently costs $50 per year to become a member of the guild, plus there is a one-time initiation fee of $25.

We now have an Online Registration Form which includes a Liability Waiver for meetings and shop tours, etc. Please fill the forms out, and then print, sign, and have the Liability Waiver witnessed. Your membership will be complete when you pay your fees and present the finished documents – either electronically, or at a meeting.

Click on the link below:

MIWG Registration And Waiver 2018

Alternatively, you can contact our current VP of Membership by email at