Wood Auction

To all fellow Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild members: a member has suggested that you might be interested in a hardwood auction that is being held on Thursday, February 8, 2018.

An email forwarded to me tells of the auction at Kilshaw’s Auction and reads as follows: “… there was a lovely pile wood planks, consisting of mahogany, Cocabola or purple heart, some really heavy wood that was very dark, possibly ebony??, and other sorts.  It was all expensive looking.  It will probably go for a song, as most people are looking for collectibles, antiques, or things ‘not wood planks’.   The auction is on Thursday evening, viewing 12:00 to 5:00 each day.  Please let the other flat wood or turner folks know.” (Kilshaw’s Auctioneers is in Victoria.)


About Tony Dobson

After a quarter century, I retired from teaching - high school English, Math and Science. After retirement, I took on software sales and training of computer-based education for a few years. That was followed by teaching sailing - as a charter sailboat skipper. Now, I am learning...to be a woodworker! The whole range of woodworking appeals to me - the artistry, cabinet and furniture making, carving, and turning! I hope to still be a 10-fingered woodworker when I finally withdraw from this marvellous hobby!

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