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MIWG Business Cards

We now have some MIWG business cards!!

Tony Dobson has 500 of them. If you want some to hand out to friends or potential MIWG members or anyone else, please talk to Tony at the next meeting and he can give you some cards.

The cards look like this:

MIWG Business Card Version 1.0


How to Delete a Blog Post

If you want to delete a blog post that you submitted earlier (say if you had posted something that you had for sale and then you sold the item), do this:

  1. Login to the MIWG website.
  2. From your dashboard, click on the Posts link on the left side of your screen.
  3. Hover over the blog posting that you want to delete. When you hover over one of your blog postings, a submenu will appear. Click on the Delete link in the submenu.

How to Delete Blog Post

Note that you can only delete blog postings that you submitted. When the blog post is deleted, it is actually just moved to the trash. If you make a mistake and delete something accidentally,  you can always recover it from the trash again:

  1. From your dashboard, click on the Posts link on the left side of your screen.
  2. Click on the Trash category. This will show all of the blog postings that are in the trash.
  3. Hover over the blog posting that you want to restore from the trash and then click on the Restore link.

How to restore a deleted blog post

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Tools For Sale

My neighbour recently returned from wintering in Arizona and has decided to sell all of his wood working tools to clear his garage. He has the following:

  1. Craftsman 10″ table saw with caste iron top and rip fence on a stand with wheels.

His name is Rick and he can be reached at 250-756-1674

Big leaf maple lumber for sale

On April 07 2016 I had milled multiple board feet of big leaf maple.  The tree was felled in late March 2016 making the lumber green.  It is currently stored under shelter and stacked.  The lumber includes:

99 pieces of 1 X 6 X 14 Feet = 7 BF = $17.50 each

93 pieces of 1 X 6 X 12 Feet = 6 BF = $15.00 each

41 pieces of 1 X 6 X 10 Feet = 5 BF = $12.50 each

13 pieces of 1 X 4 X 14 Feet = 4.6 BF = $11.50 each

Call Gordon Svenson, Office is 250.248.7258  Home is 250.248.5062