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How to Write an MIWG Members-Only Blog Posting

There are two things you must do to setup a blog posting so that it can only be read by an MIWG member who is logged into the MIWG website.

The first thing that you must do is to select the “Block this post” checkbox:

Screen Shot - Post Protection

The other things that must be done is to put the restricted content below a “Read More” tag. To insert a read more tag into the blog posting, position the cursor at the appropriate place in the text, and then click on the “Insert Read More tag” button:

Screen Shot - Insert Read More tag

Note that everything above the “Read More” tag will be visible to everyone in the world, and everything below the “Read More” tag will be restricted so that it can only be read by an MIWG members who is logged into the website.

When someone is viewing the blog posting on the website, everything above the “Read More” tag will be visible (i.e., anyone in the world will be able to read it). Everything below the “Read More” tag will be password protected and can only be accessed by an MIWG member who is logged into the website. If someone clicks on the “Continue Reading” link and they are not logged into the website, they will be presented with a login page.

MIWG Meeting on Wed Mar 9, 2016

Reminder to All

Mid-Island Woodworkers’ Guild General Meeting:

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 – 7:00 pm
Meeting Room A – Nanaimo District Secondary School 355 Wakesiah Avenue
Nanaimo, BC

Hello all!

This notice is just a reminder of our upcoming General Meeting on Wednesday. (Details above). Harlan Richards, Vice-President – Programs, has arranged for a presentation from Egan Custom Guitars. (As a guitar-player and, hopefully future builder, I am very interested in this presentation!) Also, member Bernie Waatainen will introduce a friend who will have a few words to say about a Parksville turners’ group. (I am not sure of the exact name of the group.)

We are hoping to implement several features at this meeting and carry them forward to all future meetings:

  1. a draw for woodworking items (tools, materials, literature, DVDs etc.);
  2. a “show and tell” time where members can display and talk about their favourite projects;

So…if you can, please bring an item this week for donation to the draw that has some decent value (beyond the value of draw-tickets of 1 for $3 or 2 for $5). This might be a piece of wood that you have as leftover from a project (e.g. 2 board-feet of purple-heart), or a tool that is usable but that you have replaced with an upgraded version, or DVDs or books that will have value for someone else! If you know of businesses that would be willing to donate items to our cause, I would be very interested in talking to them. Once we have some funds available, we will also be able to purchase value items for the draws.

Also, we would love to have your pieces of work on display for others to look at and discuss with you. We will have a break time that will allow you to show your piece and discuss it.

For future meetings, please consider doing a presentation. If you are willing to give one, (up to an hour of time) please let Harlan Richards, (or any Executive member) know.

MIWG needs a Shop Tour Chairperson, as well as a Librarian (to gather, store and make available literature, videos, etc.) In this past November, four of our current members volunteered their shops to be on the tour for VIWG. About a dozen participants were able to visit and discuss the shop layouts, functions, productions and so on with these members. We would gladly do it again if there is interest. How about your shop?? Would you be willing to showcase it to the rest of us?

I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Wednesday evening. Bring a friend or two – or dozen!

Best wishes! Tony