Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild (MIWG)

The Mid-Island Woodworkers Guild (MIWG) on Vancouver Island was setup to address some woodworking issues in the mid-island region:

  1. Create a central Island, community-based organization for woodworkers.
  2. Encourage Community Recreation programs for teaching woodworking skills.
  3. Provide an organization whereby woodworkers can gather to share their experiences, knowledge, skills and crafts.
  4. Offer mentoring programs that would assist new woodworkers in skill-development.
  5. Provide possible sources of tool-exchange and supply-purchase options.
  6. Share and recycle wood resources from the community.
  7. Offer local charitable support through provision and distribution of craftsmanlike products.
  8. Encourage young people to continue participation after High School.

If you are interested – JOIN US!
Contact: Tony Dobson
Email: president@miwg.ca